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Walker draws both the curious and the enthusiastic in Derry

Union Leader Correspondent

August 19. 2015 10:19PM
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker discussed education reform during a summit Thursday at Londonderry High School. (Dan Tuohy/Union Leader)

DERRY — Enthusiasm for and curiosity about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was high at a house party for the GOP presidential candidate.

Glenn Carlson of Derry said he was "intrigued" by Walker.

"He seems like more of the hometown guy, and not the typical politician," he said. "I want to hear some things [from him] about defense, being retired Air Force ... I've got a pretty good idea on where he stands with some of the labor issues and defense issues."

Walker told the New Hampshire Union Leader he hoped the people in attendance would come away knowing that he not only took on the unions and Democrats in Wisconsin, but his fellow Republicans as well.

"There's a frustration that (leaders in Washington) haven't repealed Obamacare, they haven't taken action on other things," he said. "I think it's important for people to know that if they want someone who's not going to back down, regardless of party, that's what I showed I could do in Wisconsin."

Jane Greene of Derry said she likes Walker's ideas and wishes "he were a little more dynamic."

"I think the fact that he's been a responsible and qualified governor is very important," Jim Greene said.

Jane Greene said she wanted to know more about Walker's ideas on foreign policy. Jim said the couple had supported him during his troubles with the unions in Wisconsin, sending him donations at the time.

"I believe in him, and I like the fact that he's a common-sense governor," Jim said.

Debbie Josephs and Ben Caplan were in town from Hackensack, N.J., for the education summit with candidates in Londonderry. The Garden Staters said they were disenchanted with Gov. Chris Christie after the George Washington Bridge scandal.

"I like his strength very much," Josephs said of Walker.

Her son was attending the University of Wisconsin at the time of the impeachment effort against Walker, and Josephs said she witnessed protests against Walker in the state capital of Madison.

"I gotta tell you, that man is very brave," she said. "I want to hear more about him."

"We admire somebody who fights for what they believe in," Caplan said.

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