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Today's Santa Fund donor list

December 16. 2015 10:57PM
Michael Dimos of Baystate Financial and his wife, Christina, with Demetria, 2, and Michael 5, make their donation to the Union Leader Santa Fund in Manchester. (Thomas Roy/Union Leader)
Donor: Mr. Michael Dimos & Family

Donation: $1,000.00

How funds were raised: Personal donation

Reason for giving: Giving back during the Christmas season is very important to us as a family. We recognize and value the important role the Santa Fund plays in our community and are fortunate to be a part of it.

December 17, 2015

From the First Congregational Church of Manchester, NH $1,500.00

From The Wicks Insurance Group Inc. $1,000.00

From the Dimos Family $1,000.00

In memory of Sadie Zyla’s $700 bell ringing at age 90 by her loving daughter, Sally Addison. $700.00

In memory of Mary Pawlowski, beloved wife and mother, from her family $30.00

In memory of our loving grandparents, Joseph and Elva Pawlowski, from their grandchildren $25.00

In memory of Claire Smith. Miss you dearly, Sweet Pea! From her husband, Jerry $100.00

In loving memory of our parents, Charlotte Shea, and Louis and Lillian Huard. From Don and Judy Huard $25.00

In memory of my family: Willie and Ruth, Beatrice, Gail, Jim and “Sam.” Merry Christmas to all from Bob, Lois and Craig $100.00

In memory of Freckles from Kevin Sheppard $25.00

From the Cross Insurance - Manchester Employees’ Jeans Fund $464.00

From Kyle Aspinwall $50.00

Remembering, with love and sadness, Mary Spain, Harry and Florence St. Onge and “little” Harry St. Onge. From Mike and Marie $50.00

Jakie, always in our hearts. Love, Bubba and Nana XXXOOO $50.00

In loving memory of Robert L. Young, “Best Dad Ever.” From Cathleen and Rachel Young $20.00

In loving memory of John Lally. From Betty, children and grandchildren $20.00

In loving memory of Francis, Florence and Kathleen (White) Madden from Betty and Marilyn $20.00

In loving memory of Al and Rolande Lachance and Ernest and Aline Dufoul from Donald and Norma Lachance $100.00

Merry Christmas to Michaela, Alejandro, Julia, Jessica and our angel, Kathryn, from Nonna $20.00

In memory of my husband, Joe, from Joan $20.00

In memory of my mother, Glendeen Smith, who loved Christmas. From Gail E. Smith $100.00

In memory of my husband, Carl Maguire, from Joanne $10.00

From St. George Cathedral, Anagennesis Ladies Society. $500.00

In loving memory of our dear friends Marie, Rock, Helen, Sully and Neil from Marilyn and Mac $25.00

Merry Christmas from Wally and Sue Rozmus $25.00

In loving memory of Michael Patrick Barrett, William J. Barrett, and Thomas and Pauline Hughes from the Daniel Hughes Family $50.00

In memory of Mary and Margaret Loughlin from Jan and Marsha $25.00

In loving memory of our parents, Roland and Lucille Chouinard, and Evelyn and Harris Mallory from the Mallory Family $300.00

In memory of the Sidell, McLean and Ferrazi Families from Judy $100.00

For Reagan, Alyssa, and Erika $50.00

From Gerry and Bernadette $100.00

From Bill and Carol Eva $50.00

In loving memory of Loyola Pepin, and her daughter, Elaine Cote. Merry Christmas to all and may 2016 hold many blessings. From Dick and Janine $50.00

In memory of Gordon Humphreys from his family $50.00

In loving memory of all our family members who are no longer with us. We miss you, but you will always be in our hearts. From Michael and Elaine $100.00

In memory of deceased members of family of Hugh O’Neil, editor $50.00

In memory of the deceased members of the Ring, Duvernay and LeBlanc Families from Tim and Alice Ring $25.00

Memorial to Jan and Honorata Kowalewski, Mother Mary and Aunt Bee. From R. and E. Devore $200.00

In loving memory of the best brother in the world, Ronnie Dachowski. We miss you so much. Love you, Ann and Harry Macropol $25.00

In loving memory of our Dads, Joseph Dachowski and Arthur Macropol. Love, Ann and Harry Macropol $25.00

In loving memory of my dear mother, Catherine O’Neil, from Mary Lou O’Neil $25.00

In memory of a dear friend, Meriba Macy, from Mary Lou O’Neil $25.00

In loving memory of my father, Robert J. Kirby $25.00

In loving memory of my brother, Robert E. Kirby $25.00

In memory of Paul Randlet from Cindy and Dan Wlodyka $20.00

In loving memory of Robert L. Soucy from Arlene $50.00

From Denise and Tom Boutilier $50.00

In memory of Ma, Katie A., from Ollie the Elf $100.00

Merry Christmas, may God bless. $100.00

In memory of Art and Gert Morganstern from the Morganstern Family $131.00

Christmas love and hope $100.00

In memory of my high school friends, Irene Grandmaison Morin, Pamela Taylor Levesque and Arlene Wallace Hudon from Bernadette $100.00

In memory of Mom and Dad from Bernadette $100.00

In memory of Conrad Vincent from Cindy Wlodyka $20.00

In memory of loved ones. Merry Christmas from NB and RB $200.00

In memory of our dear friends, Rachel “Blondie” Fitzgerald and Jean Lemieux from “The Girls” $100.00

Today’s Total $8,350.00

Previous Total $119,660.04

Total to Date $128,010.04

Santa Fund

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