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'Active Shooter': NH fire extinguishers at the ready

December 26. 2015 6:27PM

Gov. Maggie Hassan has ordered mandatory "active shooter" training sessions for January in response to the Islamic terrorist twosome that gunned down workers in San Bernardino earlier this month, killing 14. 

We can guess what New Hampshire state employees were hoping to get in their Christmas stockings this holiday. Fire extinguishers. Lucky for them, the right to open-carry a fire extinguisher is ingrained in the New Hampshire ethos.

All state workers will want to make sure they have their extinguishers handy for the mandatory "active shooter'' training sessions that Gov. Maggie Hassan has ordered for January. This is in response to the Islamic terrorist twosome who gunned down workers in San Bernardino earlier this month. Fourteen of them died.

The state worker training, according to the state's Homeland Security chief, centers on three pieces of advice.

"Run if you can, hide if you can; if not, you've got to fight,'' says Perry Plummer.

Plummer used to be a fire chief, which may be why he told the Concord Monitor, that an active shooter "is probably not going to stop until someone stops them or they commit suicide. (You're) going to have to attack them. It may be by any means, a chair, a fire extinguisher.''

We wonder if there will be chair-training at these state sessions. Come to think of it, OSHA rules being what they are these days, the state is probably going to have to certify all these workers in fire extinguisher use.

One thing that won't be addressed, you can bet, is that properly trained state employees might "fight'' the active shooter by shooting him or her with — dare we say it — a gun!

We doubt that most state workers are allowed to bring their guns to work. We don't see Maggie Hassan changing that real soon. Of course, it doesn't go for the state police who are assigned to guard her.

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