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Joe McQuaid: Christie is the real deal


February 06. 2016 8:18PM


It is said that many Granite Staters wait until the final days, or even hours, before deciding for whom they will vote in our presidential primary. This makes sense, especially in a contest with so many contenders. It allows time to really look them over, if not in person then certainly through multiple observations of their campaign appearances as reported in the news media, their multiple mailings, TV and online commercials, and events such as last night's “debate.”

It also provides time to see whether well-meaning but untested novices measure up (alas, Dr. Ben Carson has not); and whether a fatuous, foul-mouthed braggart blows himself up. (Thankfully, Donald Trump is doing just that.)

We have met all the candidates multiple times and, as best we can, have taken their measure.

We have found Gov. Chris Christie to be the most consistent, the most confident in his abilities, the most tested under fire, and the most likely to regain the White House from a disastrous Democratic regime. Christie has a record of governing in a bipartisan but unwavering fashion; and as U.S. Attorney, he knows how to prosecute the bad guys.

If you are still making up your mind or are uneasy with your choice, take another look at Chris Christie. He is the real deal.

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