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Derry OK's $50k for new fire truck

Union Leader Correspondent

April 20. 2016 11:24PM

DERRY — Used both as an inspection vehicle and for emergency operations, councilors have given the green light for a $50,000 fire truck for Derry.

The truck is a converted SUV that will be used by firefighters conducting code enforcement inspections and for public education, said Fire Chief Michael Gagnon. In addition, the truck will be fully equipped with radio and operating lights to respond in emergencies, Gagnon said.

“It was due to be replaced,” Gagnon said of the current SUV, which is a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe. Plans call for the truck to be used for 15 years by the fire department before being replaced.

Councilors voted to approve the purchase during the regular Tuesday night meeting.

Councilor Richard Tripp, who voted in favor of the truck, said he likes that it can serve a dual role as an inspection-emergency response vehicle and is relatively inexpensive to operate over the 15 years.

“You need a vehicle that can get you there,” Tripp said after Tuesday night’s meeting ended. “If you look at it, it’s only like $3,000 a year.”

The vote to buy the truck follows the recent approval of a $250,000 high-tech ambulance, which is now being built, Gagnon said. The vehicle is anticipated to be delivered at the beginning of June, he said.

Designed with high-tech safety features, the ambulance includes a seat for EMS workers who ride in the back to be securely belted in. The old ambulance didn’t include that feature and posed a risk to rescuers, officials said.

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