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Why Johnson-Weld? Surprising times demand it

September 17. 2016 11:09PM

Libertarian Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld visit the New Hampshire Union Leader offices on Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016. 

Our endorsement of the Libertarian presidential ticket has drawn much surprise, along with varying measures of consternation, condemnation, and even congratulations. The surprise is understandable. This is the first time in perhaps 100 years or more that the Union Leader and Sunday News have not backed the Republican nominee in the general election.

But these are surprising times. The Republican Party at the national level is in a mess of its own making. It has repeatedly shown an avarice that has put party above principle, which has led it to Donald Trump, among other things. In backing this demagogue now, its leaders are once again saying party trumps principle.

Many Democrats admit that their party is in a similar fix. Its national bosses, email leaks have shown, tried to rig the primary process to favor Hillary Clinton. For different reasons, she is as unfit to serve in the White House as Trump.

Some readers say our backing of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, two former Republican governors, just means more votes for Trump. Others, who are holding their nose to vote for Trump, claim Libertarian votes hurt him and help Hillary.

We think votes for Johnson and Weld actually help them, and the country. Their experience, integrity, and low-tax, smaller-government platform are far superior in this race. They are a longshot, to be sure. The so-called national debate system seems rigged against them. But they are on the ballot in all 50 states and it is states, through the Electoral College, that hold sway.

The voters are being told that we have to pick the lesser of two evils. We don't buy it. Johnson-Weld offers an honorable, positive alternative. Take a look for yourself at

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