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Johnson-Weld and NH: Not so long a shot now

October 15. 2016 8:26PM

U.S. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson delivers a foreign policy address at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Ill., Oct. 7, 2016. (REUTERS/Jim Young)

When the Union Leader and Sunday News initially endorsed the Johnson-Weld presidential ticket, we knew it was the longest of shots, but still one that we could responsibly recommend. The odds have since improved.

The deplorable conduct and records of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are coming into ever sharper and painful focus. We can understand the reluctance of Republican voters to abandon Trump because of their distaste for Clinton. But Trump is indefensible.

And it is clear that Clinton considers voters ("What's wrong with NH?'' her campaign sneers) simpletons and hicks.

But the defeatist notion that this remains a "binary choice" is false. Libertarians Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are gaining traction. The two former Republican governors have exemplary records of getting things done in truly bipartisan fashion. They are competent fiscal conservatives who recognize the biggest threat to America is the kind of wasteful spending that both Trump and Clinton are promoting.

One indication that Johnson-Weld is gaining? Both the Clinton and Trump camps are desperately telling voters not to "waste" their votes on Johnson-Weld. Both camps are fearful that Republican and Democrat voters are so turned off that they will vote for "the other one."

That is why both Clinton and Trump are in little New Hampshire often. (Trump again yesterday.) New Hampshire has just four electoral votes but they were key in the 2000 race and they may be key again on Nov. 8. It would be fitting indeed if the First in the Nation voters rejected the awful major party nominees and threw the presidential race into the U.S. House.

Long shots sometimes do come in.

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