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Not my President? It's Trump, like it or not

November 12. 2016 5:59PM

Blocked streets, spray painted cars, broken windows.

This is what we were told to expect from angry Donald Trump supporters when Hillary Clinton won the White House.

It turns out that the militant left is having trouble accepting the results of a free and fair election that didn't go its way.

The protest marches, mostly by young people in deep blue cities and college towns, are a temper tantrum from people disappointed that they aren't getting the new toy they were promised.

Maybe the Electoral College can give Hillary Clinton a participant trophy.

Their frustration is understandable. This is the third presidential election in 16 years that liberals thought they had won. A premature call in Florida in 2000 and bogus exit polls in 2004 didn't hold up. The New York Times projected that Clinton had an 85 percent chance to win, just before the ballots were actually counted. Huffington Post had her at 98 percent, so voters in the liberal bubble never saw this coming.

That doesn't justify a riot.

For millions of Americans, Donald Trump is simply unacceptable as President. For millions of others, Hillary Clinton was just as unacceptable. We opposed them both, but were prepared to accept whatever decision American voters made.

When Rush Limbaugh said that he hoped Barack Obama's liberal agenda failed, he was called a racist. When Sen. Mitch McConnell said that his top political priority would be to prevent Obama's re-election, he was branded an obstructionist. But as of Wednesday, liberals have again realized that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Donald Trump may be a good President, or a bad one. We will continue to judge him by his words and actions. So should we all. But he will be our President, whether you wanted him to be, or not.

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