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Today's Santa Fund Donors

December 31, 2016

From Keystone Press “Yesterday and Today” Calendar Sales $3,512.00

From Catholic Medical Center Employees $5,000.00

From Dustin Siggins $500.00

In loving memory of Honorata Kowalewski and Alnora Dickson to help others enjoy Christmas, and missing Don. $300.00

Keep Christ in Christmas from Gregory and Thelma Lawrence $300.00

Merry Christmas! We hope it’s a brilliant new year for all! From the Kiley Family $250.00

In loving memory of Mitch and Millie Ashooh. Always in our hearts. From Michele Fregeau $250.00

From Judy Swanson $200.00

In loving memory of our parents, Aurore and Frank and Bernadette and Albert, from Moe and Dot Couture $200.00

Merry Christmas from James MacDuff $205.00

In loving memory of Plato Canotas, Jimmy Gikas and Emanuel “Muscles” Tsipopoulos. From the Circle of Friends at the Puritan Backroom $160.00

Merry Christmas from Bussiere & Bussiere, P.A. $150.00

In memory of my parents, Carroll and Gilberte Lover, and son, Bryan. From Irene R. Lover $150.00

Anonymous $150.00

From Jan Langer $100.00

In loving memory of Violet M. Campbell and Alzira Costa from Virginia Petrin $100.00

In loving memory of the Cassidy, Morin, Desjardins, Jean and Longley families. From Dick and Karen $100.00

In loving memory of my grandparents, Frank and Virginia Albin and Francis X. and Helen Larkin. With love, Abby $50.00

In memory of Eddie and Cellie Ameen. Love, Deb $50.00

In loving memory of Lorraine and Diane Metivier from the Lacaillade Family $50.00

In memory of George E. and Opal K. Forest. With love and gratitude from Denise Forest $100.00

From Molly $215.00

In loving memory of Carol O’Leary from the family $100.00

Whatever you do, whatever you say, say it with love! From Jim and Nina $100.00

In memory of William and Mary Robinson from Billy Robinson $60.00

Anonymous $25.00

Anonymous $1.00

In loving memory of our parents and grandparents, Steve and Betty. Love, Paul, Judy, Carolyn, Heidi and Candace Puchacz $25.00

In memory of our beloved daughter and sister, Elaine. Always in our hearts. Love, Dad, Mom, Judy, Brian, Eleanor, Paul and Al $100.00

Because there are so many folks less well off than myself $100.00

In loving memory of our Uncle Teddy Zapora; our grandparents, Mary and Ralph Seavey; and our grandpa, Stig Franzeh. Miss you all from the Seavey Family and grandchildren; Gillian, Travis, Cara, Teagan and Leah $50.00

In loving memory of our family, friends and pets. From Bill and HB$50.00

In loving memory of my parents, Frank T. and Blanche Argiropoulos, from Cynthia Burns $50.00

From St. Paul’s United Methodist Church United Methodist Women $50.00

In loving memory of Mary E., Martin P., John F. and Kay Moran and Francis J. and Lelia M. Donahue from Richard and Ellen Moran $100.00

In loving memory of a wonderful son and brother, James Puchacz. We miss you so much. Love, Dad, Mom, Carolyn, Heidi and Candace $50.00

Happy Holidays! $30.00

In loving memory of the Moran, Mullen, Armstrong and Donahue families from Ellen and Richard Moran $100.00

In honor of Father Andrew Nelson. You are a gift to us. Love, Paul, Judy, Carolyn, Heidi and Candace Puchacz $25.00

From Denis and Marsha Paiste $35.00

In memory of our family departed. Thinking of you always from Dave and Nancy Vachon $35.00

In loving memory of our dear friend, Kim Hertel. Miss you. Love, Paul, Judy, Carolyn, Heidi and Candace Puchacz $25.00

Anonymous $5.00

In loving memory of old friend, Jimmy Martin, and “Cuzzn” Johnny D. Doherty from Richard and Ellen Moran $50.00

In memory of Marie and Emile Durette and Kathleen and Charles Cote from Mike Cote $50.00

In loving memory of Michael E. Kendall from Ava and Amanda McManus $25.00

Anonymous $29.00

Anonymous $25.00

In loving memory of Tinker Trothier, Felicia, Ashley, Shadow, Misty and Ben “Handsome” Moran from Mommy and Daddy Moran $50.00

From Lance Turgeon $50.00

From New Hampshire Union Leader Employees and Company Match 5889.44

Today’s Total $19,376.44

Previous Total $174,575.76

Total to Date $193,952.20