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Belmont residents support mill in town voting

March 19. 2017 8:28PM

BELMONT — Residents resoundingly approved three warrant articles supporting the preservation and potential sale of the Belmont Mill at town voting, which was held Thursday after being postponed because of the storm Tuesday.

No money articles for the mill bills were on the ballot. But Question 6, asking if the town supports future renovations for the mill for use as town offices and for other town uses, passed with 440 in favor and 267 against.

Question 8, which asked if residents supported the future sale of the mill, passed 383-320. Question 7, asking if residents support the demolition of the mill, lost 170-522.

Residents also passed a question asking for $191,097 for highway construction in town, 500-169. Part of the cost for the highway work will be offset by government grants.

— Dan Seufert, Union Leader Correspondent

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