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Nashua planners to consider fire station expansion

Union Leader Correspondent

March 23. 2017 8:52PM
A proposal to construct a two-story addition at the Spit Brook Road fire station in Nashua will be considered Thursday by the Nashua City Planning Board. (Kimberly Houghton)

NASHUA — A two-story addition could be constructed at the Spit Brook Road fire station if city planners approve the project next week.

The proposal, which includes a 3,052-square-foot addition to the fire station at 124 Spit Brook Rd., will be reviewed by the Nashua City Planning Board on Thursday.

Aldermen approved a $1.6 million bond last summer to renovate and expand the substation, and the design plan has now been finalized.

“The purpose of the building addition is to simply increase the capacity of the fire station,” Steve Auger, project manager, states in the site plan on file at Nashua City Hall.

The Spit Brook Road fire station was constructed in 1977 to accommodate 15 firefighters, although there are now 36 employees working from the station. The original facility was intended to have three bays, however the third bay was never constructed.

The proposed two-story addition includes the final bay for the parcel, according to the design plans.

Along with the addition, recessed lighting is being proposed for the exterior of the building, as well as a newly constructed stormwater management area.

While 48 parking spaces are required, a waiver is being sought to allow only the existing 13 parking spaces.

“As each shift ends, eight firefighters are replaced by eight firefighters,” wrote Auger. “With no proposed increase in firefighters per shift, the existing parking lot will continue to serve the needs of the fire station without requiring an expansion to crease additional spaces.”

Once complete, nearly 80 percent of the 2-acre parcel will remain open space, according to the proposed plans.

“This south end of the city has grown exponentially,” Fire Chief Steven Galipeau said earlier. The renovation and expansion project, which has been discussed since 2007, will provide a safer and healthier work environment for firefighters, according to Galipeau, adding there will be more storage and space to adequately clean and maintain trucks, apparatus and clothing.

The bond will also be used to install an elevator, replace the roof and create space for a physical fitness area inside the fire station.

Currently, a fire engine truck and ladder truck are housed at the Spit Brook Road station, leaving limited room for training and a building that is undersized for its daily operations, fire officials said previously.

Nashua Fire Rescue currently operates out of eight facilities, which includes six fire stations, a dispatch center and a training site. Previously, two locations within the city were identified as potential sites for a new fire station — a parcel near Nashua Community College and the other near Main Dunstable Road.

Thursday’s planning board meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Nashua City Hall.

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