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Why I’m not a feminist

May 17. 2017 9:44PM

To the Editor: Men and women are equal but equal doesn’t mean the same. I’m a strong supporter of women’s rights, but I’m not a feminist.

So many feminists I’ve heard seem to be very angry people, who sound as though they want to replace one dominant group with another dominant group. I know men who are kind, sensitive and nurturing. I know many more who share these virtues but try valiantly to hide them. I also know a few women who could make Attila the Hun look good.

I watched the Women’s March, with women wearing cute little pink hats, some carrying really vulgar signs. As they kicked out groups that were pro-life, a good part of the march seemed to be to support the “right” to abortion on demand and late-term abortion. Then there was Madonna (a misnomer if I ever heard one,) the Flower of American Womanhood, expressing her wish to blow up the White House and peppering her comments with four-letter-words. Another woman marcher said she would beat up the male journalist if he came near her.

I have two lovable, adorable grandsons. Little do they know that when they grow up they, as white Christian males, will be held responsible for all the problems in society by virtue of their Y chromosome and race.

And people of Dover actually voted Ms. Sherry Frost, who holds this simplistic and divisive view, as their representative. If nothing else, New Hampshire politics is certainly entertaining.



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