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Governing in Concord: The GOP is getting things done

June 03. 2017 9:28PM

Republicans had a good week at the State House.

The GOP-controlled House and Senate passed a fetal homicide bill, allowing New Hampshire to join the majority of states that provide justice for babies killed before they could be born.

The Legislature approved a bill increasing the integrity of New Hampshire elections, requiring that people who vote in New Hampshire actually live in New Hampshire. Drive-by voting will no longer be allowed. We wonder how Democrats will manage to motivate college students to the polls next fall, after spending the past six months arguing that passage of SB 3 meant that college students would be disenfranchised.

Lawmakers are ending the state bureaucracy's crusade against Croydon middle school students, giving greater flexibility to local school boards to enter into tuition agreements with private schools without first seeking state permission.

Gov. Chris Sununu will soon sign all of these excellent bills into law.

We don't agree with everything the GOP is doing, such as decriminalizing marijuana possession or increasing renewable power mandates that drive up electricity prices.

But the stream of successful legislation shows voters that Republicans can be trusted to control the reins of government, ending over a decade of dysfunction under Democratic governors.

The biggest test comes next week. If House Republicans can put aside their past grievances long enough to pass a budget, they might actually convince voters that they can be trusted to follow through on their campaign promises.

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