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Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: Red Sox are keeping me up at night

July 23. 2017 10:49PM

LISTENING TO THE RED SOX on the radio while dozing off to sleep used to be a classic summer-night thing to do.

It still is, although first you have to find the game on the radio and then you have to be prepared to enter a time warp.

The notion of a “walk-off” home run or even a “walk-off walk” is no longer accurate for the Sox. With extra-inning games (including one that began at 4 p.m. one afternoon and ended just before 1 a.m.) these days, it’s more like “crawl-off” victories.

These guys have got to be getting tired this season.

In a sad sign of the times, no Manchester radio station broadcasts the Sox. I pick it up on WTPL-FM (107.7 FM “The Pulse”) where my friends Peter St. James and Ken Cail hold forth weekdays. (Ken has kindly invited me to be on his afternoon show on Aug. 8 to talk about a Cog Railway book I’ve written.)

The other night, I was awakened just as another marathon game was ending in the wee hours. I thought it was the radio announcer’s excited voice that jarred me. It turned out to be middle grandson, Mike, letting me know he was hungry. As my mother would say, the kid was born with a hollow leg.

At least Mike wasn’t asking me for crossword puzzle assistance. I’m not that good at them, although I was able to help out a reader with one last week.

He called to say we had a mistake in one. Mistake?

“Yes,” he said, “the clue says Hawkeye State.”

“So?” I asked.

“Hawkeye is from Maine,” he said, but the answer had just four letters.

I knew he meant “Hawkeye” as in Alan Alda, from the "M*A*S*H" TV series. But Iowa also has “Hawkeyes,” as in its college football team.

Sneaky, those puzzle makers. But problem solved. Now if only I can find a way to stop Mike’s mid-summer night hunger pains from waking up the old man.

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