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Winner take all

August 17. 2017 12:52AM

To the Editor: “…worst President ever in the history of the universe.” If this sounds like the rantings of a child having a tantrum, it isn’t. This quote is from a Democrat who is still sore that a Republican won the presidency.

“Trumpcare went down in defeat.” The Obama administration had eight years to perfect it. We are just into two hundred days.

The entire health care has entered the quagmire of abortion rights, where it will stall. All roads do not lead here. And the fact that three Republicans voted with Democrats only shows a willingness to cooperate, which is more than the last administration was willing to do.

“Russia interfered with our election.” Vladimir Putin must enjoy being given so much credit. But yelling foul feels good.

The transgender issue is one that no one but those serving in the actual fields of war are equipped to weigh in on. The military is wise to let this one go; it doesn’t reflect consensus.

This inane scrutiny to find every error made in the course of Trump’s day has gone beyond the useful.

Everyone didn’t vote for Trump. But every woman didn’t seem convinced that Hillary was the woman for the job, either.

Trump is the President. Respect the office. But more importantly, respect the voter’s choice.

Offer us a better candidate and we will all be glad to take a look, in three and a half years.


Pheasant Lane


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