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A good move

August 17. 2017 11:34PM

To the Editor: Several months ago, my wife and I (both retirees) opted to relocate from our native New Hampshire to northern Maine, where we purchased the same size home we had in New Hampshire.

It’s noteworthy to point out that our property taxes have been cut in half. Our utilities bill has been cut in half, primarily due to cheap electricity. While New Hampshire residents moan and groan in their fight to stop “Northern Pass”, they pay one of the highest electricity rates in the nation. Additionally, property taxes have run amok statewide with no relief in sight.

While we now enjoy an increase in our disposable income and are pleased with the casino financial support to the economy of Maine, our neighbors to the south can sit on their front porch couches and view their neighbor’s yard car collection without a tower in the background (under the road), or that evil casino we constantly heard about.

I wish we would have made the move twenty years ago!


Madawaska, Maine

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