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The real electric bill

August 17. 2017 11:34PM

To the Editor: Your article on the energy bill mentioned the New Hampshire retail rate is 16.02 cents per kwh, well above the national rate of 10.41. I’d be happy to email a copy of my Eversource bill. If you subtract the meter cost and any taxes, my rate, after you do all the figuring of the long list of different charges, comes out to about 22 cents per kwh. And it seems to inch up steadily.

I have to believe that I am not alone paying this rate. I have to believe that those who do not have the electric solar panels are paying a little to subsidize those who do. The utility has to pay retail rates to them, which is contrary to common sense, and business sense, too.

As I’ve said before, I’m all for solar power, but all solar electricity generated should only get wholesale price, period. To ruin the financial stability of our utilities would be a disaster for all, especially now that storms and the related costs seem to be getting more intense for all. Those costs should be borne by all suppliers.



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