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Smashing flies and quashing fires

August 17. 2017 11:34PM

To the Editor: I once knew a man who tried to kill houseflies with a ten-pound sledge.

He didn’t hit ‘em very often, but he sure did a hell of lot of damage trying. He’d heft up that heavy metal and swing it around in wild arcs, crashing into wooden doors, splintering door jambs, smashing windows to smithereens, gauging holes in his walls, sounding like a wrecking ball at work. There’s no doubt that when he managed to land that hammer on a fly, he pulverized it into a black and red mist, but he damn near tore down his house doing it.

This is the same guy who repeatedly tried to extinguish fires in his backyard by hurling gasoline onto them. He’d engage in a frantic dance around those fires, flinging the gas around and he burned himself regularly, singeing that mussed up hair. And the whole time, swinging metal or slinging gas, he was raving out loud that it was not his fault, that someone else had let those flies into his house, that someone else had started those fires.

Trump reminds me of this guy.

None of us could slow down this other guy, the one I just described to you,because he outranked us all individually, but the entire neighborhood could work together in self-preservation, so we always had fire-suppressant handy, and emergency services on call so he would not kill himself or burn down his house and our entire neighborhood.


North Haverhill

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