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Alt-right and Antifa: Two sides in a race war

August 19. 2017 10:48PM

President Donald Trump wasn't wrong to point out that many of those protesters at the racist rally in Charlottesville last weekend were radical extremists themselves.

He was wrong to paint the bulk of those protesting the Alt-Right march as "Antifa" activists, and to make excuses for people marching side-by-side with racists.

It's plausible that some conservatives were drawn to the "Unite the Right" rally thinking it was a protest against political correctness. But once you're standing next to a neo-Nazi waving a swastika, it's time to go home.

Trump always wants to think the best of anyone who praises him, and the worst of anyone who criticizes him. This moral and intellectual weakness harms his presidency and the country.

Yet many on the left fall into the same trap. They refuse to see that Antifa is a mirror image of the Alt-Right. Both use violence and intimidation. The only difference is whom they blame for their own failures.

Just as Trump sees all liberal protesters as the enemy, too many Democrats are using Trump's blunders to paint all Republicans as Nazi sympathizers.

Vandals targeted New Hampshire GOP headquarters again this week. The New Hampshire Democratic Party attacked Gov. Chris Sununu merely for speaking to a Seacoast political group.

This isn't new. Democrats reflexively call Republicans racists and sexists. Republicans have grown so used to the insults that many rally to the aid of anyone targeted with similar accusations.

When Hillary Clinton tried to put half of Trump's supporters in "the basket of deplorables," many Republicans assumed she was talking about them. They started wearing Deplorable T-shirts.

The Alt-Right is deplorable, but Clinton tried to inflate a hateful fringe into half of the GOP. In turn, some Republicans refuse to see the very real racism that has infected their party.

Meanwhile, some on the left are so determined to oppose Trump that they are willing to overlook the thugs in riot gear marching next to them.

Political movements have the primary responsibility to identify and expel the virulent strains growing within their ranks. The Alt-Right and Antifa want to divide us by race. We can't let them succeed.

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