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Aldermen are laughing: Voters, charter be damned

August 19. 2017 10:48PM

Ward 11 Alderman Norm Gamache 

You could hear the laughter from Manchester's City Hall on both sides of the Merrimack the other night, as a majority of aldermen extended their middle fingers toward the city charter and their constituents.

The charter clearly needs stiffening, as Mayor Ted Gatsas has suggested. But his plea that the aldermen at least symbolically slap the hands of two of their board buddies for outrageous self-dealing was ignored.

Why? Some of these folks may want to do the same thing one day, and they don't want the precedent set. They are also counting on the apathy of the citizens in their respective wards.

Those who refused to refer the self-dealing duo to a board of conduct: Kevin Cavanaugh of Ward 1; Chris Herbert, Ward 4; Anthony Sapienza, Ward 5; Thomas Katsiantonis, Ward 8; Bill Barry of Ward 10 and Daniel O'Neil, alderman-at-large.

Remember their names. Several of them have opponents this fall, as does Ward 11 Alderman Norm Gamache. He voted on a contract that directly affects his son on the fire department, and apparently thinks that the voters won't care. He may be wrong.

Former Alderman Russ Ouellette intends to make Gamache's self-serving vote an issue. Good for him.

Good, too, for Mayor Gatsas remaining positive despite what must be his great frustration at aldermanic apathy.

One thing that could not be heard after the aldermen voted to diss their city last week: anything from Joyce Craig.

Her silence was deafening.

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