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Motor voters: NH flooded with out-of-state ballots

September 10. 2017 12:24AM

 (Union Leader file photo)

During last year's razor thin races at the top of the New Hampshire ballot, 6,540 voters registered to vote using a driver's license from another state. Two-thirds of them were in the college towns that provided Hillary Clinton and Maggie Hassan with their margins of victory.

Only 1,014 of these newly-declared New Hampshire residents have since obtained a New Hampshire driver's license. Maybe a handful have stopped driving, but thousands of these self-professed Granite State voters are acting as if they never really lived here.

Democrats reacted to this rock-solid evidence that people from outside our state are influencing our elections with outrage, at Speaker Shawn Jasper for pointing it out, and at Secretary of State Bill Gardner, who has been urging the Legislature to close this loophole for years.

Democrats scream that thousands of out-of-staters casting New Hampshire ballots is not proof of illegal voter fraud.

They are correct. This is legal voter fraud.

New Hampshire's honor system allowed thousands to get a ballot with nothing more than their word that they actually considered themselves New Hampshire residents. The data obtained by Jasper are strong evidence that many of them lied.

Then-Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed a 30-day residency requirement, knowing that she would need out-of-state college students who showed up to vote for President to support the entire Democratic ticket. It worked. She's a senator now.

Her election still counts. Because of her decision, New Hampshire let thousands of visitors, many of them college students, swing our elections.

That doesn't mean we have to put up with it anymore. New Hampshire now has a real residency requirement for new voters.

Those liars who backed out of their legally-binding pledge of New Hampshire residency should be investigated.

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