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No apology needed

September 10. 2017 12:48AM

To the Editor: Regarding Kathy McDonald's offer to apologize to her Raymond neighbors, there's no need. "The Meadows," a 172-unit housing project proposed on the 85-acre Gordon Farm property is of great concern to many Raymond residents. As an abutter, I share Mrs. McDonald's concerns regarding the preservation of this property, both historically and ecologically. However, there are other issues to consider.

The timeline for completion for this project is estimated to be between 5 and 10 years. Applicant Keith Martel, and the newly formed Mardan Investment Group, LLC, should be required to provide a summary of expected costs, financial statements, and information on the principles of Mardan Investment Group, together with performance and liability bonds, before the project moves forward.

The applicant has also requested the need for special permits and waivers for access roads, perennial stream crossings, and road specifications. These requests should be backed up with evidence of the applicant's unnecessary hardship.

Raymond has been plagued with the inability to get voters behind their proposed $9.4 million elementary school addition, together with its $6.8 million police station project. This with their water well development, capital improvements, road construction projects and the need for public works vehicles, puts the town in a position where they have to find more creative ways to increase tax revenue. "The Meadows" may be the answer they've been looking for. But don't think that this 172 Unit housing project won't adversely impact these already well-established tax burdens.



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