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Support foreign aid

September 10. 2017 11:33PM

To the Editor: I am writing to make a plea for Congress to fully fund the Foreign Aid Budget. This budget represents just 1 percent of the total federal budget, and full funding is the right and smart thing to do. This aid helps to expand education and farming, as well as combating preventable diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, in the poorest part of the world.

In addition, from the U.S. standpoint, the foreign aid budget is an investment in our own national security. By lifting these people up from the depths of poverty and illiteracy, the result will be an expanding market for U.S. goods and an investment toward a safer world.

Accordingly, I would request that Sens. Shaheen and Hassan, and Reps. Shea-Porter and Kuster, vote to fully fund this necessary and humane budget.


Moore Street


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