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September 10. 2017 11:33PM

To the Editor: Edward Smith’s letter suggesting that longtime Democratic voters might have a better home in the Libertarian Party was spot on. Voters concerned about the loss of civil liberties under the War on Drugs, War on Crime, and War on Terror are now finding that the DNC is replacing working class Democratic candidates with yes-men who merely put a “D” after their name.

However, Smith implies that all Libertarians are pro-choice. While has shown this to be true for about 70 percent of self-identified Libertarians, the remainder of us believe that government’s role is the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from the first heartbeat to the last. Recent 3-D sonograms, ultrasounds, and other medical images have shown that unborn babies respond to sound and even pain at just 8 weeks. By 10 weeks, babies dream, smile, learn, and can hear music, and the sound of their mother’s own voice.

Last session, I was one of just four Libertarian legislators in the country, and was a member of the House Pro-life Caucus and House Business Caucus. Our mission? To show that life starts before birth.

Those of us who are working to promote adoption, rather than abortion, as the alternative to an unplanned pregnancy seek to wake up the millions who have been conned into thinking of that child as disposable.



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