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Shortlist Shaheen: Backing socialized medicine

September 17. 2017 2:13AM

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H. 

Having made America's health insurance marketplace even worse than it was, New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is now setting her sights on destroying the entire American economy.

Last week, Shaheen was among a handful of left-wing whack jobs signing on to Socialist Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" Act.

This quarter-baked plan would put the federal government in charge of all health care across the United States. Medicare is barely surviving on the edge of bankruptcy. Letting it engulf the nation's private health insurance market would tip it and the rest of the U.S. economy over the edge.

Sanders' bill doesn't actually include how to pay for the historic expansion of federal government power and spending. The two options are massive tax increases, or increasing the growth of the national debt, already at a staggering $20 trillion. Neither choice is remotely plausible.

Yet Shaheen added her name to Sanders' list of sponsors. Why?

Shaheen was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton in a state that went strongly for Sanders in the 2016 primary.

Several of Sanders' co-sponsors are possible presidential candidates in 2020. Linking themselves with Bernie could bolster their credibility with the Bernie Bros. who think government can sprinkle health care on us all like fairy dust.

Is Shaheen hoping to revive her national ambitions? She made Al Gore's shortlist of six vice presidential candidates back in 2000. Maybe she's sprinting to the left on health care to make herself more acceptable as a V.P. candidate or Cabinet secretary.

It certainly can't be because of the merits of Sanders' bill. That legislation is wishful thinking wrapped in Marxist fantasies. Shaheen may be signaling her virtue to left-wing extremists, but she's telling the rest of us to stop taking her seriously.

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