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Fake outrage alert: Dems whine about voter lawsuit

September 20. 2017 7:35PM

Colin Van Ostern (John Koziol/Union Leader Correspondent file photo)

Colin Van Ostern is so upset that he wants you to make a politician contribution.

The former yogurt mogul and 2016 Democratic gubernatorial nominee fired off a fundraising email on Wednesday, attempting to get his liberal base up in arms.

Last week, Judge Charles Temple upheld New Hampshire’s new voter residency law, but barred the state from imposing penalties on new voters who fail to prove they are eligible to vote. He also directed the Secretary of State’s Office to “provide accurate information on its website.”

While Bill Gardner writes new guidance for voters, his office took down the relevant web pages, even as Manchester primary voters headed to the polls.

“This is nuts,” wrote Van Ostern, as if Bill Gardner were trying to impede voters, rather than trying to meet the court’s demands.

The Democrats’ obsession with allowing a non-voter to vote is nuts, but they have no one but themselves to blame for sowing confusion and conspiracy among college students. They want young voters to think Republicans are preventing them from voting, when the new law merely insists that new voters actually live where they vote.

Like the Menendez brothers pleading for mercy because they are orphans, opportunistic Democrats are mucking up New Hampshire’s common-sense voter registration laws, and complaining when their actions have consequences.

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