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RiverWoods' hypocrisy

September 20. 2017 10:08PM

To the Editor: The trustees of the RiverWoods at Exeter in June passed a resolution stating their position on “inclusivity.” The resolution emphasizes they are in compliance with all federal and state laws relating to non-discrimination, but as trustees, they have a moral obligation to “cast the widest possible net to expand the pool of potential employees and trustees.”

However noble the resolution, the chairman of the trustees, who has a consulting and in-service training business, does not seem to follow his moral conviction. A photograph of his staff of employees does not have diversity of color. Another trustee, a vice-president of a large bank with branches in New Hampshire, has not diversified and provided inclusivity in the branches where I transact my banking business. Has she talked to the president and director of the bank that they have not met her moral standard relating to her fellow human beings?

The treasurer of a local academy is a trustee of RiverWoods. Has he told the principal she is not performing the personnel selection process to his standards? A student in the graduation speech did state the faculty was not selected in proportion to the diversity of the student body.

Even the CEO of the RiverWoods Group has had many opportunities to “spread the widest possible net” to seek diversity and demonstrate her stated moral obligation for “inclusivity.” However there is no diversity of color in the administrative staff. Is this an example of, “do as I say, not as I do”?



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