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Watching the TV news

September 20. 2017 10:07PM

To the Editor: It is very interesting what is on the news channels.

CBS was very concerned with the impact of climate change for Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. How is FEMA going to deal with climate change? Democrats insist that “climate change denial should be a crime.” Denial is murder.

Democrat Jennifer Lawrence blamed the hurricanes on Trump’s voters. If we had voted for Hillary, no hurricanes.

Hillary Clinton was promoting her new book. Hillary blames James Comey, President Obama, Sen. Sanders, women that did not vote for her, Russia, WikiLeaks, Facebook, voter ID laws, sexism, and misogyny for her loss. Stay tuned for more blame.

Congress never passed a law on DACA. Please explain what law Congress is overturning?

Expert Sports Political Network’s (ESPN) Jemele Hill called President Trump a white supremacist. Will she be fired?

FoxConn may be going to Wisconsin, a right-to-work state. They make iPhones for Apple and may employ 13,000 people.

President Obama stated that his executive order on DACA was not amnesty, not immunity, and not a path to citizenship. He lied on all three of these. Democrats attack National Day of Prayer, stating it is unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, Hillary says that she will not be running for any public office in the future. However, she will be writing a book outlining who is to blame for her decision. A suggested name for the book is “Clueless”.



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