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Hayward missed the point

September 24. 2017 1:25AM

To the Editor: Mark Hayward's City Matters column glosses over some important facts. Mr. Ayala violated U.S. immigration law at the age of 17, was summoned to answer for it more than once as an adult, and ignored those orders. The premise that he moved from New Jersey to New Hampshire only for a better life seems to be a stretch. He quite likely moved to New Hampshire because of the deportation order against him based in New Jersey. Far too many immigrants who are here illegally violate our civil, criminal, and immigration laws, while ignoring our justice system as illustrated by his coworker, who reportedly skipped out on a DWI charge 8 years prior.

Certainly there are people whose parents brought them here as young children who will be in limbo, but Ayala does not seem to be in that group. This column portrays Ayala and his family as tragic victims when Ayala was beset with a flat tire, but pays little attention to the fact that Ayala appears to have ignored our immigration laws for decades. Building a life here while in violation of our laws puts more than the violator in jeopardy, and that is the part that isn't fair, especially to his wife and children.

Wouldn't it be better to focus on updating or improving our immigration laws instead of elevating those who violate it to victim status?

We have been, are currently are, and should always be a nation of immigrants, but also of laws.


Belmont Street


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