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Veterans thank Sununu

September 24. 2017 1:25AM

To the Editor: This letter is very late in thanking Gov. Chris Sununu.

I am a U.S. Navy veteran, serving during the Vietnam era. I am proud of my service to my country and when and if called again, I would serve my country again.

I receive all of my medical assistance from the VA Hospital in Manchester, along with a major surgical procedure being performed at the West Roxbury VA Hospital in Massachusetts.

I have received excellent care by the staff at the Manchester VA. Now, there have been on a few occasions, some challenges, but nothing to get upset over. In fact, a nurse practitioner actually saved my life with the initial diagnose of heart disease; this being a triple bypass.

The VA Choice Program has been under a lot of discussions regarding the allowance for further continuance of this program, primarily by U.S. Congress. It just voted to continue the program for an additional six months.

Sununu took a positive stand by issuing an executive order to allow non-VA doctors and hospitals to help veterans under care at the Manchester VA facility.

Thank you, Gov. Sununu, for your positive support for me and my fellow veterans.



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