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Claremont solar array project moves forward

Union Leader Correspondent

October 01. 2017 9:40PM

CLAREMONT — City councilors have approved funds for a solar array to be built at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

The solar array, once built, will significantly reduce the electric costs for the wastewater treatment plant, city councilors said Wednesday night when they approved adding $320,000 as part of the 2018 Sewer Division Budget to pay for the project.

The $320,000 is to come from the Sewer Enterprise Fund, retained earnings, and would have no impact on the tax rate.

ReVision Energy has been contracted to build the 151 kilowatt array on the land adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant on Plains Road.

“We have installed over the last 14 years over 6,000 solar systems,” said Jack Ruderman, ReVision Director of Community Solar Initiatives. “We have a vision, which is to help transition Northern New England from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources. That is something everybody in the company believes in passionately.”

Ruderman said solar systems save money over time and have tremendous longevity.

“The solar panels are expected to have a life span of 40 years,” he said.

He said contrary to some thought, solar is a viable source of energy in New Hampshire.

“A lot of folks wonder why you would do it in New Hampshire, why wouldn’t you want to be further south, in Mississippi or Texas or Arizona?’ And the fact is we get 33 percent more sunshine a year then they do in Germany and that’s the world leader in solar energy systems.”

Solar energy is also a clean and renewable resource, reduces reliance on fossil fuels and is a smart move financially for the city, he said.

“You’re locking in your energy price for 40 years,” Ruderman said. “This is protection against price spikes.”

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