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Derry looking at solar panels

Union Leader Correspondent

October 04. 2017 10:12PM

DERRY — Derry officials this week will begin reviewing the two bids received for solar panel installations at two municipal facilities.

Town Administrator Dave Caron said they will evaluate the proposals to furnish and install photovoltaic panels at two municipally-owned facilities, the Marion Gerrish Community Center on West Broadway and the Derry Transfer Station on Transfer Lane. There is no timeframe to award the contracts at this point, Caron said, but the town Department of Public Works expects the results to become more clear by mid-October.

DPW director Michael Fowler said an evaluation team will be reviewing the proposals and a recommendation will be given to Caron, who said the financial piece at this time is not “particularly straightforward, thus the review....”

“This project was stewarded by the Net Zero Committee in an effort to enhance our sustainability,” Caron said.

The town hopes for a roof-mounted system designed to generate ample electricity for building needs and export excess electricity to the grid for the community center, a wood-framed structure built in the 1800s.

At the transfer station, officials are seeking a ground-mounted system to go on an adjacent slope that, like the community center panels, could export excess electricity to the grid.

As part of the town’s requirements, the vendor must include a structural load analysis conducted by a licensed civil engineer for the Gerrish center. The town is also seeking an annual reduction in its electricity costs and noted all pricing should include materials and services.

The bids were due Sept. 27 to the Derry Municipal Center.

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