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Jasper's comments were wrong

October 04. 2017 10:10PM

To the Editor: I am a wife, a mother of two, a small business owner, a Catholic, and Free Stater. I moved to Manchester in 2011 and found a community not only with other FSP participants, but with people born and raised in New Hampshire, and others who moved here for a multitude of reasons.

With his recent disparaging statements about Free Staters, Speaker Shawn Jasper supports the dishonorable tactics of an extreme progressive group funded by out-of-state interests, and seems to call for a witch-hunt to oust liberty-loving, ethical people from the New Hampshire GOP based on criteria that in no way relates to the FSP Statement of Intent:

“‘I hereby state my solemn intent to move to the State of New Hampshire. Once there, I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and property.’ Anyone who promotes violence, racial hatred, or bigotry is not welcome.”

I recommend Jasper, who seems distracted by discussions about states’ rights and independence, should also research Shire Sharing and Lakes Region Porcupines. Both these organizations are currently fundraising to support New Hampshire families during the holiday season. I’m sure if he were to join these volunteer efforts, he’d learn that those he views as “detrimental to our quality of life here in New Hampshire” are just hard-working, good people looking to make a difference in their communities.


Rimmon Street


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