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Tax reform now

October 05. 2017 11:52PM

To the Editor: Of all the segments of the population who got shaken down the most during the Obama years, it’s surely the middle class who takes the cake. Too “rich” for certain government handouts and too “poor” for private health care. The so-called “backbone” of America just can’t catch a break when it comes to rising taxes, stagnant wages and rising health care costs.

The GOP’s new tax reform plan will cut taxes for all Americans at every income level, deliver the lowest tax rates in modern history, and get rid of unnecessary taxes such as the death tax and the alternative minimum tax.

The whole idea is that Republicans want the government to stay out of people’s lives and businesses as much as possible. This way, businesses can grow and create more jobs for the American people without strangling them with crazy high tax rates. We need to especially protect the hard-working middle class from constant tax increase each and every year.

Tax reform, among a few other factors, was a reason why Donald Trump won the election. He was our voice, which was silent the past eight years. Now is the hard part.




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