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Explorics: Startup digs deeply into social media marketing

New Hampshire Union Leader

October 08. 2017 1:33AM
Co-founders Evan York, left, and Adam Hollis pose with developer Michael Waldman and sales representative Taryn Harpool at Explorics in Manchester on Wednesday. (DAVID LANE/UNION LEADER)

MANCHESTER -- Scott Sewade started posting more pictures of people wearing his company's military-themed shirts after he started using new software that measured the company's engagements on Facebook and Instagram.

"Customers will send a picture of them wearing our product, and we've been able to find that is getting a much bigger engagement" than posting other things, the founder of 11Bravos said last week.

"That leads to more organic traffic back to our website, which ultimately results in more sales," said Sewade, whose Millyard company counts more than a half-million social media followers.

More businesses are looking to learn how to optimize social media postings to drive more customers to them.

Evan York and Adam Hollis have co-founded Explorics, a software-as-a-service marketing technology company that aims to make it easier for companies to cash in on the internet.

"This data tells a story," said Hollis, the chief revenue officer. "This data tells our customers where they're being successful."

"Are there specific pictures or keywords that their customers will click 'like' on or share or will leave a comment?" he said. "Those are insights that we're providing."

Explorics will track, measure, analyze and optimize performance across different third-party marketing technologies, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and MailChimp.

Analytics is about "turning information into insight," said York, Explorics' CEO.

The company expects to become operationally profitable by the end of 2018, he said.

Explorics has two private investors, including GYK Antler, a full-service marketing agency in Manchester headed by York's brother, Travis. (Travis York also is a member of the Union Leader Corp.'s board of directors.)

Evan York said he helped develop the software while working at GYK himself and then spun the company into an independent venture.

The company houses its four employees within the GYK Antler space on Canal Street.

"It's great to see that the Millyard and the region continues to attract cutting-edge tech companies such as Explorics who want to grow and thrive here," said Matt Cookson, executive director of the New Hampshire High-Tech Council. "More and more companies are relying on analytics to cut through big data, so they can reach target customers. And the sophistication is significant and growing."

Customers, including Sewade's Millyard business, can pay as little as $95 a month for analytics regarding social media, or can spend more if they want analysis on additional marketing channels.

"This is another place where our customers can pull some insights," Hollis said. "You might have a ton of followers on Facebook, but if you're not getting any engagement from them, then they're not as a valuable as a smaller population that's super-engaged."

The software can probe web traffic and e-commerce, measuring the number of web visitors and transactions, including units sold, and giving insight into what items may need promotion.

It can evaluate paid media and how many clicks and sales it generated.

"Bottom line," Hollis said, "is what did you spend and what did you make?"

And it can track emails sent by MailChimp, measuring how many were sent and what percentage were opened.

"At the end of the day, people have to talk to people," Hollis said. "You have to use the human element, understanding what your core message is for your brand and what it is that got you where you are and how to message to your customers. These tools are meant to enhance that process."

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