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War on women

October 16. 2017 10:15PM

To the Editor: I am a veteran, a deplorable, and a proud American. When NFL players or others kneel or sit during the national anthem, I am sad and angry. These millionaires are disrespecting the flag, the military, Americans, the anthem and our country. I have a right to disagree with their protests.

Weiner gets a 21-month prison sentence for sexting an underage teenage girl.

Harvey Weinstein is a Democratic Party power player who has sexually harassed multiple women over a period of decades, according to a New York Times report. This has led to him being fired by his own company.

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers have ignored the New York Times report. Mr. Weinstein has raised millions of dollars for the Democratic Party. He visited President Obama numerous times in the White House.

Michelle Obama stated that Trump’s remark on grabbing women “shook her to the core in a way that she couldn’t have predicted.” In 2013, Michelle Obama stated that “Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful human being.” Malia Obama was an intern in the Weinstein Company.

The Democrat Party continues to state the Republicans are waging a war on women. Give me a break.

Lastly, I want to thank Rep. Shea-Porter for deciding not to run for reelection.



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