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Keillor should go

October 16. 2017 10:15PM

To the Editor: The Nashua Telegraph publishes editorialists that promote the liberal agenda. The Concord Monitor publishes editorialists that promote the liberal agenda. Now, you too are publishing editorialists that promote the liberal agenda. Remember that the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights does not mandate that publications publish editorials that oppose their agenda. It allows liberal publishers to publish liberal articles and conservative publishers to publish conservative articles. Therein the balance lies.

You may be too young to remember, but Bill Loeb understood this. So did Nackey. Since Joe McQuaid has become Publisher, the Union Leader has become more and more liberal. Now your featured editorialists include Garrison Keillor, a self-described hard core liberal. By sanctioning his articles, you sanction his beliefs. Conservatism has now been ousted from New Hampshire. R.I.P. to the conservative state that I grew up in. Bill and Nackey must be rolling over in their graves. Joe should be ashamed of himself. He’s “sold out” in order to try to appease both sides.



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