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Nearly 30 townhouses proposed for south Nashua neighborhood

Union Leader Correspondent

October 17. 2017 11:57PM
Plans on file at Nashua City Hall depict a proposal for seven buildings with four units each that could bring 28 townhouses to 200 Innovative Way. (Kimberly Houghton/ Union Leader Correspondent)

NASHUA ­— Planning officials will be considering a new development that could bring 28 townhouses to southern Nashua.

Representatives from the John J. Flatley Company will approach the Nashua Planning Board next month seeking to develop a portion of property at 200 Innovative Way into the Townhouses at Gateway Hills.

“The site is part of the larger Gateway Hills development, formerly known as Nashua Technology Park,” Scott McPhie, city planner, wrote in a staff report to the Planning Board. “The Flatley Company has assembled a number of parcels over the years, which now encompass approximately 400 acres of contiguous land.”

The townhouse project, which will impact about 4 acres of a nearly 130-acre lot, includes a new private street and cul-de-sac at Gateway Hills, according to the plans on file at Nashua City Hall.

Seven buildings are being proposed as part of the townhouse development, with four units per building. Each of the two-story townhouses include two parking spaces and underground utilities.

In 2016, the Zoning Board approved a use variance to allow the townhouses to be constructed in the city’s park industrial zone. More recently, the Zoning Board and conservation commission granted a special exception for the project to impact the wetland buffer.

“The majority of the site was cut over recently to accommodate the adjacent ski area approved in 2016. New lighting and landscaping are planned as part of this project,” said McPhie.

“The applicant states that the neighborhood has multifamily residences, along with office space, and the intent was to develop the area so that people could live close to their work, as well as have open space. And, because of the topography of the area, the townhouses are a great use, and the character of the neighborhood will not change,” states the plans.

The Flatley Company owns the surrounding real estate, and believes this is a good use for the property, according to the plans. The project’s name has been tentatively dubbed the Townhouses at Gateway Hills.

The Nashua Planning Board will review the proposed site plan for the 28 townhouses on Nov. 2.

Within the same property on Innovative Way, a separate proposal is being considered that would bring a research and development facility to the industrial park.

That project includes two separate two-story research and development buildings of similar size encompassing 255,272 square feet of floor area, according to the plans, which also propose a 10-space parking garage under each of the two buildings and additional parking throughout the complex.

The Zoning Board granted a special exception to allow the construction of the research and development facility several years ago, but a building was never developed and new requirements are now necessary in order for the project to move forward.

The research and development project will be considered by city planners on Dec. 7.

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