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Outrageous verdict

October 19. 2017 12:50AM

To the Editor: Massachusetts State Trooper Joseph Flynn has been acquitted of two counts of simple assault against Richard Simone for using something he called “submission blows”. He did this, according to the WMUR news story, to “protect the public and other officers at the scene.”

The video of this incident shows a man on his knees with his hands in the air when he is attacked. Why were “submission blows” needed? By my count, there are at least seven officers at the scene; two are throwing punches and five are standing by watching. The “other officers at the scene” are not hiding behind cars to protect themselves. They are not piling on to hold a suspect down so handcuffs can be used. They are watching a man get beat up.

Richard Simone committed a crime, and deserved to be arrested, tried, and serve whatever jail time resulted from his trial. He did not deserve to be brutalized by two out- of-control officers to the entertainment of the other five. What consequences did the five spectator officers suffer for not doing their job of protecting the public (Simone) from this assault? This verdict is outrageous. This verdict is why the protest now called Take a Knee is gaining ground and why it most definitely is not about the national anthem, the flag, or patriotism.


Center Barnstead

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