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Why we're voting for Joyce Craig

October 21. 2017 9:00PM


To the Editor: In laying out her plans for Manchester, Joyce Craig has proposed a fiscally responsible vision for our city that would allow the mayor's office to accomplish more than it ever has, without exceeding the tax cap.

For too long, Manchester has struggled under a mayor who doesn't like change. Joyce understands the best way for our city to succeed is to implement a more streamlined approach to government that uses our hard-earned tax dollars efficiently.

She has a plan to invest in our public education and get back the $15 million in revenue we lost after surrounding towns left our struggling school system. She also wants to invest in clean energy, like the solar array project that Mayor Gatsas opposed, to cut costs and create additional tax revenue.

Joyce appreciates the importance of regular communication with department heads, so she can keep track of progress and anticipate and prevent any costly disasters on the horizon.

Most importantly, she values the tax dollars that make up her revenue. Despite what Gatsas has said, Joyce will never outstrip the tax cap. She simply wants to put our tax dollars to work to benefit Manchester.

Throughout her career, Joyce has emphasized the importance of proper management. As mayor, she would bring to the office the efficiency we need to increase revenue and improve our city.

We support Joyce Craig for mayor and hope you will too.



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