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The Lilac Bridge

November 09. 2017 9:31PM

To the Editor: In reading your article about Hooksett’s new Lilac Bridge, it occurred to me that while the town clearly failed in overseeing the project, the bridge itself is a complete waste of $3.3 million public dollars.

In addition to there already being sidewalks on the beautiful road bridge that leads to the same places the Lilac Bridge will lead to, the Lilac Bridge starts nowhere and ends nowhere. No matter which end of the bridge you look at, there’s no source of walkers; no housing complex, shopping area, condominiums, college, nursing home... nothing. And there’s no public parking at either end of the bridge. There’s also no destination at either end. No shopping area, farmer’s market, entertainment venue, scenic area, nothing at all.

So in essence Hooksett officials are spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a walking bridge that parallels another bridge with excellent sidewalks and goes from nowhere to nowhere, and they apparently botched the job. I suppose its purpose must be to prevent a reduction in their capital expenditures budget for the next biennium, but if that’s so, is that really a responsible way to manage public dollars?



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