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Porter's insulting comment

November 22. 2017 7:44PM

To the Editor: Rep. Marjorie Porter’s recent comment during an executive session of the House of Representatives Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs equating homeschooling to “child abuse” was tremendously insulting to all homeschooling families. Rep. Porter’s remark was rooted in ignorance, prejudice and intolerance.

No matter one’s political party or experience with homeschooling, the notion that homeschooling equates to child abuse is ridiculous under any objective review and cannot pass even the most lax scrutiny. Rep. Porter’s thoughtless comment diminishes the seriousness of situations where real-life child abuse (whether physical, emotional, sexual, drug-related, etc.) actually is occurring. Our state has a long tradition of homeschooling. Parents who take on the teaching and instruction of their children as part and parcel of the profound responsibility of raising them to adulthood do not deserve to be maligned as child abusers. That Rep. Porter would make such a scurrilous and contemptible remark in her official capacity as an elected representative is both sad and baffling, particularly as she not only is a senior legislator but serves as assistant minority floor leader, and accordingly should know better. Such behavior has no place in our Legislature.



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