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Who's minding school? Attn. Claremont, Pembroke

November 25. 2017 10:59PM

Allenstown resident Mike Frascinella was one of nearly a dozen residents who spoke at the Pembroke School Board meeting Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017, calling for answers about a budget shortfall and how it can be prevented in the future. (Melissa Proulx/Union Leader Correspondent)

In Claremont, the school board and its budget requests have been ignored by a school superintendent who thinks the board works for him, rather than the reverse.

In Pembroke, the school board and administration seem incapable of being able to accurately count money coming in and going out, leaving taxpayers angry as hell and facing huge tax bills this year.

In Claremont, the superintendent pretty much told the board that it was too stupid to understand a budget. If we were voting or paying taxes in Claremont, we would be expecting, at the least, an apology from this guy.

In Pembroke, circumstances are a bit different, although the cost to taxpayers may be worse. Taxpayers have turned out to demand answers. They want to know how the school district could have been blindsided by a near-million-dollar shortfall in the school budget.

The answers, so far, have been less than satisfying. But at least officials in Pembroke seem to be listening to the people. That may be because so many people have expressed their opinion.

Bottom line: New Hampshire prides itself on having government close to the people. But the people have to let the government know that they are paying attention.

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