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Why I’m outraged

November 30. 2017 9:39PM

To the Editor: First, it was President Trump allowing trophy elephant and lion parts to come into the country before he “temporarily” reversed himself. I was incredulous. Worldwide organizations are trying to save the dwindling population of elephants. Why would one find it pleasurable to display a species that is becoming endangered?

Next, Joe McQuaid of the Union Leader published what I think was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek kind of editorial. Mr. McQuaid starts his commentary with the phrase “Happy Thanksgiving” and then goes on to say, in part, “I am thinking I may try an appetizer. How does fried ferret sound?” He closes his not at all funny tidbit with another reference to the recent tragic, animal cruelty event by saying, “Properly cooked (fried never roasted) I’m told it tastes like chicken.” This perspective is beyond the pale. My husband and I are decades long subscribers. We are extremely disappointed.



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