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What kind of person should the NFL head be?

December 03. 2017 3:15AM

Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell is pictured at an event in Manhattan, Nov. 30, 2017. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

To the Editor: One thing the commissioner of any high profile professional sport should not be is a follower. That is precisely what Roger Goodell is because it is the NFL team owners who pay his salary.

He (or she) should not be afraid of the owners or the players and their union. Roger Goodell has shown that he is too intimidated by the players and their union to demand that the players show respect for the national anthem, the flag and the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have fought for our country in various ways. The next Commissioner should not be afraid to ride roughshod over the players and their union, irrespective of the consequences (ditto for the owners who pay his salary)! Maybe some rich lawyers could pay the salary of the next commissioner (and not the owners).

Meanwhile, my advice to fans remains the same: keep your TV sets shut off if you don't want to see the players kneeling on the clock!

Peter M. Arel


Patriots/NFL Letters Manchester

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