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Don't regret Northern Pass

December 03. 2017 9:31PM

To the Editor: Hydro- Quebec has fouled its own nest by the diversion of Quebec’s beautiful, wild rivers, causing significant environmental damage, and disrespecting its citizens by forcing its native people to surrender, under duress, claims to their ancestral home. Now, this Northern Pass project seeks to foul our nest by causing visual blight and disruption to our beautiful, wild, pristine environment, causing property devaluation, some of these properties having been in families for multiple generations, and causing business and tourism loss.

It is no surprise that the federal government has recently issued one of the more important required permits to Hydro-Quebec for this proposed project, for we know who is in charge of our federal government and the background of this administration’s choice to head the EPA.

Notwithstanding the approval of this federal permit, the citizens of New Hampshire must continue to fight for the preservation of what we value by appealing to our representatives in the state Legislature, as well as those individuals who sit on the Site Evaluation Committee.

We know that this project does not benefit New Hampshire. Just follow the money to see who benefits: Hydro-Quebec, Eversource, and the southern New England states.

Don’t let the power of money behind the Northern Pass project bully New Hampshire into something regrettable.


Sugar Hill

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