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Investigate police brutality

December 04. 2017 11:45PM

To the Editor: Your Nov. 10 front page article on the $750,000 settlement in the shooting death of Wendy Lawrence by State Trooper Chad Lavoie explained a lot concerning our problems with police brutality in the state of New Hampshire.

It appears from the article that Officer Lavoie testified that Wendy Lawrence rammed her car into his cruiser, for how would then Attorney General Joseph Foster have come to such a conclusion. However, the black box in Ms. Lawrence’s car allegedly showed rather that it was Officer Lavoie’s cruiser that hit Ms. Lawrence’s car while it was stopped, and the attorney for the Lawrence family claims to have experts ready to verify this. Karen Schlitzer, attorney for the state, claims that “our experts would have refuted the plaintiff’s experts” had the case gone to trial. Then why didn’t she? Because the state of New Hampshire, as well as the city of Manchester, indemnify their police or troopers, and this is a travesty that encourages police brutality the likes of which are too frequently reported in this newspaper.

In any case where there is possibility of police wrongdoing, an incident should be fully investigated and the officer involved should be both legally and financially at risk for the wrong he has committed. It shouldn’t be the taxpayer footing the bill.


Tzinas Street


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