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Manchester aldermen OK extended warranty plan for emergency radio system

New Hampshire Union Leader

December 06. 2017 12:21AM

MANCHESTER — City aldermen on Tuesday approved taking $75,000 out of contingency to cover costs associated with an extended warranty for a citywide radio system.

The use of the funds, approved on a simple majority vote, covers the cost of the plan through June.

City Fire Chief Dan Goonan went before the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen seeking $150,000 to cover the cost of an extended service plan for the emergency radio system.

In June of 2015 Motorola Solutions was awarded a citywide emergency radio replacement contract. The project was completed in December 2016.

Under the terms of the contract, Motorola would warranty radios for the first year of service, with the city responsible for covering these costs in years 2-10, at the negotiated amount of $150,000 annually.

According to Goonan, the invoice for the warranty has now come due.

“This is a contractual obligation for the city,” said Goonan. Funds to cover the warranty were not included in the city’s current budget.

Alderman Pat Long of Ward 3 made a motion to take $75,000 out of contingency to cover the service plan costs through June.

“After that, the new board can decide what it wants to do,” said Long, who lost his reelection bid to retain the ward 3 seat during last month’s municipal election.

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