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True stories from the files of the Armed Citizen: Homeowner shoots intruder as Chihuahua acts as guard dog

December 06. 2017 12:21AM

A “beware of dog” sign posted on a tree near the driveway probably should have been the intruders’ first warning to stay away. Now, a Calumet Township man says he believes he shot and wounded an armed intruder who attempted to break into his house late Tuesday. Homeowner Steve Allen credited his Chihuahua, Teco, with alerting him after two men forced their way into the home.

“That is the best alarm I could actually say you could get right there, that little Chihuahua,” Allen told the Chicago Tribune. He said he and his fiancee were watching “The Voice” when their front light went out and they heard the doorknob jiggling, according to Allen. The couple’s two small dogs, he said, went nuts.

Allen said someone then kicked in his back door and came through the back room, then the kitchen, before entering the living room where he and his fiancee sat.

Allen said he reached under a pillow on the sofa where he keeps his .380 semiautomatic handgun “all the time” and fired at the intruder. He claims the suspect was raising a shotgun, about to put a slug in it, when he fired. Allen said a second suspect was coming around the corner when he fired the shots, and he believes he struck one of them.

Patch, Calumet Township, Indiana, 12/1/17

St. Louis pizza driver kills robbery suspect during delivery

A St. Louis pizza driver shot and killed a 17-year-old youth who police said was one of two suspects trying to rob him during a delivery Thursday night.

Police identified the dead man as Lavon Courtney Jr., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

One suspect struck the driver on the head with a firearm, then ran back to his vehicle while shooting, police told St. Louis’ Fox 2.

The pizza driver returned fire with his own weapon, striking one suspect and prompting the other to flee, the report said.

The delivery driver called police after arriving back at the pizza shop, the St. Louis-Post Dispatch reported. He suffered a cut to his head, Fox 2 reported.

Police said the fatal shooting appears justified, the newspaper reported.

Fox News, 12/3/17

Two dead after homeowner shoots home invasion suspects

Two men are dead after an apparent home invasion.

Around 6:45 a.m. Friday morning, emergency crews rushed to Powell Road near State Route 73. Initially, an emergency call came in for an accident, but when emergency crews arrived, they found a man shot in a car.

“They found that there was one man inside the vehicle in a ditch who had been shot, had one gunshot wound to the head,” said Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera.

Highland County Sheriff’s Office has identified that man as 18-year-old Jaydon Boggs from Dayton, Ohio.

Investigators are still trying to sort out who shot Boggs, but the sheriff believes that he came in the vehicle with another man.

Investigators say the other man was armed with a long gun and a pistol when he broke into a home nearby on Powell Road. That happened around 7 a.m. It was the home of an older couple.

“They were just waking up. Both confronted the subject. Both husband and wife had firearms themselves. They hollered at the young man to leave the house. He failed to do it. They felt threatened for their life and when they seen a gun in the young man’s hand, they shot him,” said Sheriff Barrera.

WKRC, Cincinnati, 12/4/17

These items are reprinted with permission from The American Rifleman, magazine of the National Rifle Association.

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