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The need for affordable housing

December 11. 2017 12:25AM

To the Editor: “We need to find a way to keep young people in the Granite State” — something I’ve heard countless New Hampshire politicians say during campaigns here. If that is really the case, what is the city and its collective businesses doing to create housing opportunities for young people?

I watched over the past year beautiful luxury apartments go up behind Dunkin’ Donuts on Candia Road, just off East Industrial Drive. I thought “that’s a great place to live” until I saw the price, a $1,400 per month studio? And college graduates are supposed to afford that? The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in New Hampshire is $1,200, affordable at only 111 hours of work per week at minimum wage.

Near the Backyard Brewery, there are more plans for condos and apartments. That’s a great place to live, but I can only imagine the price for a one bedroom. As a college student, I don’t see this city as catering to younger folk, and if this is how I feel, imagine how those unable to achieve college degrees feel. Add this onto the homelessness occurring in the Queen City, and we simply are not building a better future for the people of this city. Affordable housing is an investment, it provides stability for the less fortunate and a reason for young people to stay in the Granite State.


Bryant Road


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